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First Fruits Season 24'

At New Life Church

January 7th - 28th

Happy New Year!!! 🎈🎊🎆 


At the start of a new year we have a special opportunity to give special honor to God! To make it known to everyone around us, even to make it known to our own heart, God is number one! ☝️ 


We invite you to be part of this first fruits season 24’ and start off a new year the right way. From those who have walked with the Lord for many years to those who have just started your journey you can join in honoring God this new year.


How can you be part of first fruits? Three things you can do…


🙏 First thing is pray - Throughout the first fruits season there will be lots of prayer including special prayer meetings January 7th through the 13th each evening at 6:30 PM.


Second thing is to fast - throughout the first fruits season we will be fasting for 21 days. From January 7th to January 28th. There are several ways you can fast we will list them below.


Third thing is to give - On January 28th we will be taking up a special offering in service, this is our first fruits offering, and this is an opportunity to give to God with thanksgiving for what Je has done and with expectation of what He will do in 2024. Once everyone has given we will put that offering into one large basket and hold hold it up high at the front and wave it! This reminds us of the Old Testament wave offerings that were done to honor God. As we do this we will worship and pray for God’s blessing over our lives.


✅Pray 🙏


✅Give 🤲


We are believing 2024 is going to be our best year yet. 


Prayer Meeting Each evening on first week in January

Sunday, Jan 7th @6:30
Monday, Jan 8th @6:30
Tuesday, Jan 9th @6:30
Wednesday, Jan 10th @6:30
Thursday, Jan 11th @6:30
Friday, Jan 12th @6:30
Saturday, Jan 13th @6:30

twenty-one days of prayer and fasting

Starting on Sunday, January 7th, we will be starting a 21-day fast as a church, and we encourage everyone who is part of New Life to participate with us.

Jesus taught on fasting and even modeled fasting for us. We know that fasting can produce powerful results, and in this first fruits season we want to seek God with everything we are.

Here are some ways you might participate in fasting.

  • A total fast - Abstaining from all food. For some, you might do this for part of the 21 days and then move to a different form of fasting; for others, you may choose to do this for the full 21 days.

  • Sun up to sun down - Abstaining from all food from the time the sun rises to the time it sets and eating light meals before the sun rises and after the sun sets.

  • Fasting lunches - Taking your lunch break and using that time to pray and seek God.

There are other ways you can fast in this time, but the key is to be intentional and to make it all about prayer and seeking God. Make a plan and stick to it; otherwise, temptation will run right over you. And make it about seeking God, not about dieting or impressing others.

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